Tuesday, 26 November 2019

2010 Mercedes Benz C 300 (204.054) V6-3.0L (272.947) Page 2019 Check power supply at control unit N73 (EIS [EZS] control unit).

Test prerequisite

- Battery voltage is OK.

- Fuse F34f29 (Fuse 29) is OK.

Status of relevant actual value:

- Power supply:Warning! Communication with ECU required.

Specified value

- Power supply [11.0...14.5] V


- Is the actual value o.k.?


The actual value is okay.Possible cause and remedy

- In the event of stored faults with a high fault frequency count or in the event of customer complaints, check lines and connectors for loose

contact and corrosion..

- Check alternator.

End of test


The actual value is not o.k.Test sequence

- Switch off ignition.

- Detach sockets A and C at component N73 (EIS [EZS] control unit).

- Measure direct voltage with multimeter between sockets (N73) B.2 and (N73) C.1

Specified value

- Voltage [11.0...14.5] V


- Are the measurement values OK?


The measurement values are OK.Possible cause and remedy

- Inspect connector B,C at control unit N73 (EIS [EZS] control unit) for damage, correct connection, loose contact and corrosion and repair, if


- N73 (EIS [EZS] control unit)

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