Tuesday, 26 November 2019

2010 Mercedes Benz C 300 (204.054) V6-3.0L (272.947) Page 571

- Connection A of test cable 108 may NOT be connected to connection B of the 126-pin socket box (050).

Continue to test with button F2


- Trigger level: 50 %

- Time range: 5 ms

Test sequence

- Switch off ignition.

- Connect socket box (126-pin) to component N3/10 (ME-SFI [ME] control unit).

- Observe oscilloscope pattern between sockets (M.80) 80(A7) and (M.81) 81(A4) of the 126-pole socket box tester.

- Start engine.

Specified value

- Measuring system

Warning!The rising signal edge in the gap (see arrow) may vary.Note

- Measuring system:Communication with ECU required

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